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We are firmly convinced that exceptional programming is central to the success of any project management endeavour.

Programmes are inherently dynamic, given the unforeseen events that often transpire during projects. Frequent updates are therefore essential to ensure complete transparency and mutual understanding between the team executing the work and the client.

Our specialised planning team has expertise across the full spectrum of planning and programme controls. This encompasses everything from the production of tender programmes to ongoing updates throughout the project’s lifecycle, as well as comprehensive delay and forensic analyses.

What we offer


Our extensive expertise in creating tender programmes enables our planners to seamlessly join an existing company's tender team, thereby enhancing overall understanding and experience.

Furthermore, we can use drawings and bills of quantities, in conjunction with established output rates and first principles, to independently develop tender programmes. These will always be complemented by an in-depth narrative report elucidating the construction methodology, site logistics, constraints, critical path, risks, and opportunities.

Planning Management

We possess considerable and demonstrated expertise in offering comprehensive planning management teams for diverse projects, from multi-million-pound infrastructure developments to individual planning resources tasked with completing monthly programme updates for residential schemes.

Our exceptionally skilled and experienced Planning Managers employ the most up-to-date tools, software, and best practices to facilitate the triumphant execution of projects. Our Planners provide an array of planning capabilities, which are further strengthened by the contract administration training they receive.

Forensic Delay Analysis

Our extensive expertise within the construction sector positions us ideally to assess projects that have encountered difficulties.

Our in-depth comprehension of construction distinguishes us from others, allowing us to thoroughly understand events on projects and the implications of change.

While conducting our forensic delay analysis, our Planning Managers frequently collaborate with our Commercial team. Together, they not only establish entitlement and causation for delays but also assess the cost impact of the event.

What our clients say


Paul Dwyer

The tailor-made course was very clear, concise and targeted. The questions from the delivery teams, who have varying levels of NEC experience, were well answered, and the use of practical examples brought the subject matter to life.

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

Alison Bowen

A fantastic training session with Ctori Construction Consultants probing and understanding the intricacies of NEC3TSC Some great discussions with the team and penny-dropping moments. Lots to take forward to ensure continuous improvement.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

John Vickers

This has been a huge undertaking, but the product of our efforts will be a legacy for generations to come.

Blue Abyss

Niall O'Brien

I really appreciated tutors’ grasp of our specific contract. He came well prepared - Thank you!


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