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As the top UK specialists in NEC Contracts, we are proud to present an extensive portfolio of dedicated NEC Training Courses, CPD Programmes, and Workshops for professionals. Our diverse course selection includes NEC contract introductions, tender preparation and evaluation, as well as contract administration.In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide customised NEC Contract Training solutions, expertly tailored to meet the unique needs and contract amendments of our clients. Enrol in our industry-leading NEC courses to enhance your skills and knowledge in contract management today.

While each of our courses are comprehensive, our trainers strive to engage all delegates through various interactive tasks so that individuals stay engaged throughout. At Ctori Construction Consultants Limited (CCCL), we understand the importance of education for development; our interactive approach to NEC training courses ensures that everyone is fully invested throughout the day.

In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide customised NEC Contract Training solutions, expertly tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs and contract amendments. Enrol your business in our industry-leading NEC courses to enhance your team’s skills and knowledge while they attain an NEC training certification.

Courses are usually held at the client’s office, whether that be throughout the UK, in Europe or over international seas. We also cover both the NEC3 Contract and NEC4 Contract variations of each topic of learning, depending on your organisation’s requirements. 

NEC Courses We Offer

CCCL provides an extensive array of NEC Training Classes and CPD Courses, encompassing all facets of the NEC contract, alongside customised programmes meticulously designed to cater to a client’s specific needs and project requirements.

Duration: Full Day

This course acquaints delegates with the philosophy of the NEC family of contracts, concentrating on the provisions of the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) to ensure the efficient management of an ECC project through a collaborative approach. This course is exceedingly popular among clients who are both new to the NEC or possess extensive experience. 

It addresses fundamental principles such as procurement contract strategy, time management, payments, early warnings, and compensation events.

Find out more about this introductory NEC course by clicking here. 

Duration: Full Day

This course covers the same agenda as the General Introduction to the ECC but is adapted specifically for the NEC Engineering and Construction Subcontract (ECS).

Duration: Full Day

These two separate courses are also based on our standard NEC ECC General Introduction.  However, both concentrate on the nuances of the Professional Services Contract and the Term Service Contract. The PSC will engage consultants on more complex project procedures, ensuring detailed terms are understood. The Term Service Contract is designed for clients and contractors involved in Frameworks for planned and reactive maintenance across specific time frames in which they provide the service. 

Duration: Half Day

Compensation events and early warnings comprise two separate processes under the NEC which often causes confusion. This half day course examines the processes involved with both compensation events and early warnings with real-life examples of notification (and for compensation events assessment and implementation). This in-depth course explains the key differences between the two in order to ensure they are used correctly.

Duration: Half Day

Good quality Scope is fundamental to successful project delivery. This detailed course examines what is involved in preparing Scope (Works Information under NEC3) to ensure what is procured meets client expectations and minimises disputes.

Duration: Full Day

This course is aimed at those involved in procuring contractors or subcontractors, or preparing tender documents for submission to clients. You will gain a clearer understanding of project formulation, focusing on Scope, Site Information and a detailed review of the mechanics of the Contract Data Parts One and Two.

Duration: Full Day

This course has been developed for those about to embark on an NEC Project. It is especially popular for a combined Project Manager/Contractor Workshop. The course will give you the fundamentals of a successful construction project, allowing you to deal with any given situation with confidence and relevant knowledge.

Duration: Full Day

This course is aimed at those who will be managing projects using the NEC. It concentrates on the correct procedure for the Project Manager and the Contractor. Once complete, you can stay vigilant on projects, ensuring that performance monitoring and contract requirements and procedures are followed from the initial to the final stage. 

Duration: Half Day

This course concentrates on the time aspects of the NEC and how they relate to contract mechanisms included in the contract. It covers a detailed review of programming and delay assessment with worked examples throughout.

Duration: Half Day

This half-day course is helpful for those familiar with NEC3 but would like to understand the changes brought about by NEC4. While there are no major changes to the general procedure, there are numerous amendments incorporated in NEC4 that are considered in detail.

Duration: Full Day or Half Day

Any course can be customised to accommodate a client’s specific requirements. For instance, if contracts have been amended, CCCL will consider the alterations in both the training material and the course delivery. We understand that you may require adjustments to our focused courses, giving your team the relevant information for your specific project expertise.

We can also run NEC workshops on projects often jointly with both the Contractor and Project Management teams which consider live issues and ensure the correct NEC process is being followed.

What our clients say


Paul Dwyer

The tailor-made course was very clear, concise and targeted. The questions from the delivery teams, who have varying levels of NEC experience, were well answered, and the use of practical examples brought the subject matter to life.

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

Alison Bowen

A fantastic training session with Ctori Construction Consultants probing and understanding the intricacies of NEC3TSC Some great discussions with the team and penny-dropping moments. Lots to take forward to ensure continuous improvement.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

John Vickers

This has been a huge undertaking, but the product of our efforts will be a legacy for generations to come.

Blue Abyss

Niall O'Brien

I really appreciated tutors’ grasp of our specific contract. He came well prepared - Thank you!


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