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Ctori Construction Consultants have established an exceptional reputation in dispute resolution involving NEC contracts over the years. Our extensive experience dates back to the very first court case involving this form of contract, demonstrating our deep understanding and expertise in navigating the complexities of NEC-related disputes. Through our steadfast commitment to delivering successful outcomes for our clients, we have become a trusted authority in the industry, consistently providing effective solutions and fostering positive resolutions in even the most challenging situations.

What we offer

Comprehensive Guidance

We provide comprehensive guidance in resolving disputes that arise from the interpretation of NEC Contracts, catering to individual clients as well as serving as an impartial advisor when parties are unable to reach a consensus. Our expertise in the NEC Contract ensures that we can navigate complex disagreements and facilitate effective communication between parties, with the ultimate goal of achieving fair and mutually beneficial outcomes for all involved.

Detailed Narratives

We specialize in crafting detailed narratives outlining entitlements to compensation events, which can be instrumental in resolving disputes outside of formal procedures. These narratives are designed to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the situation, enabling parties to reach amicable solutions more efficiently. In cases where formal processes have already commenced, we are well-equipped to prepare essential documentation and work closely with King's Counsel and Solicitors as needed.

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