Blue Abyss

CCCL has come on board to support the Blue Abyss project as one of the key consultants covering procurement, commercial and programme management services.

With a volume of nearly 43,000 cubic meters, Blue Abyss’ UK centre seeks to contribute to the advancement of human exploration as the world’s deepest and largest by volume (indoor) pool and is considered to be amongst the most ground-breaking projects of its time 

A promising revolutionary project

While the project is nearing the final stages of planning submission and approval, Blue Abyss continues to pursue the premise of its promising global impact. Serving as a deep-sea and space research, training and test facility, its primary function is to enable extreme environment development, both human and robotic, to the offshore energy, subsea technology and robotics, maritime defence and growing human spaceflight sector.

CEO of Blue Abyss John Vickers commented saying: “Blue Abyss will help provide humanity with the necessary support and insight in order to both sustainably maximise the resources in our oceans as well as allow us to broaden our horizon into space. This has been a huge undertaking, but the product of our efforts will be a legacy for generations to come.”

The project is confident of securing its core centre at the Aerohub Enterprise Zone in the Cornwall Airport Newquay.

Commercial expertise for seamless programme management 

As plans continue to move forward, Ctori will support the Blue Abyss team for its development in the form of commercial and programme management services. The consultants have been part of the wider Blue Abyss consultancy panel and will be involved in programming and scheduling around the project as well as monitoring services to ensure cost efficiency and timely delivery for the ongoing works.

Working closely with the team

Ctori will work closely with the Blue Abyss team and other consultants to encourage seamless procurement and commercial management along with programme creation and execution.

Peter Ctori, Commercial Director of CCCL, is delighted to keep supporting such an innovative project: “We have been excited to work alongside an award-winning team and provide them with our consultancy and services on this project where the primary function is to enable environment development, both human and robotic to the growing human spaceflight sector and adventure tourism”.

As of the last couple of months, the Blue Abyss team has built numerous connections among local and regional government officers as well as commercial organisations within the maritime sector. At present, the scheme is undergoing investment securement and has already engaged with the interest of equity funds that will help provide capital requirements for the construction of the facility.

Photography Credit: Cityscape Digita l& APT

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