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NEC Training


Below is a summary of the NEC courses we offer:

General Introduction to the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract

This course is by far our most popular for clients who are either new to the NEC or have had some limited experience using it. It covers basic principles such as contract strategy for procurement, time, payments, early warnings and compensation events.

Tender Preparation and Evaluation

This course is aimed at those who are involved in either procuring contractors or preparing tender documents for submission to clients.

Contract Administration

This course is aimed at those who will be managing projects using the NEC. It concentrates on correct procedure for both Project Manager and Contractor.

Professional Services Contract and Term Service Contract

These two separate courses concentrate on the nuances of the Professional Services Contract and the Term Service Contract.

Compensation Events and Early Warnings

This half-day course looks at the process involved with compensation events and early warnings with real life examples of notification, assessment and implementation.

Programming using the NEC

This course concentrates on the time aspects of the NEC.

Project Start Up

This course has been developed for those about to embark on an NEC Project and is popular for a combined Project Manager / Contractor workshop.

Bespoke Courses

Any course can be tailored to meet a client's particular needs. For example, where contracts have been amended, CCCL will take account of the changes in the training material and delivery of the course.

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